Saturday, June 12, 2010

So this week didn't go as planned...  I wanted to get at least 3 pieces of furniture done but that didn't happen.  I was all full of energy on Monday when I started my mission.  Things happen though.  My daughter had her last day of 2nd grade this week, I had to work my real job and I had to take care of the family, too.  For some reason they think they need 3 meals a day, so over rated ;-) not to mention the mounds of laundry I seem to do but never get put away.

I did manage to go to my favorite store, Unique.  It is a thrift store located in Burnsville and they have an additional discount on Tuesdays.  LOVE IT!  They have everything there.  I get my son's pants there since he goes through pants so fast that it doesn't make sense to pay full price for his clothes.  This last Tuesday I purchased a night stand, a vase and bowl (more on those later), 2 pairs of shorts for my son and a pair of Capri's for my daughter and the grand total of my purchase was $16.00.  Great deals, people! 

Here is the night stand I purchased.  I think this was $4.95 with 25% off.  You have to do the math since that is not my strong point.

Here is what it looks like now!  Thought it turned out pretty cute, if I say so myself.  I will see how it does on craigslist.  I have also thought of keeping all this furniture for my staging business.  We will see, so many options, so little time :-)

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  1. It's cute! Id want to keep it, but then, I've always liked harlequin patterns