Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morgan's room

My daughter's room as I had imagined it...  before she got hold of a Teen Beat magazine and now her walls are covered with Taylor Swift and a bunch of other people.  I still love the pink walls (what I can see of them)  I did learn though to not send my husband to Home Depot to buy the paint.  He came home with Flat paint and it doesn't hold up well at all!  I will eventually need to repaint it with a satin or eggshell.


  1. Your daughters room is Beautiful. I'm with you there with the flat paint. When we were painting my daughters room(a very light teal) my daughter (16) thought she would save me a few bucks(God bless her heart) and borrow her bff's paint from her room and had flat paint and I hate flat paint. So needless to say its going back to the friend. lol
    I love the nightstand you did for her with the blackboard paint. I haven't used it myself by my oldest daughter(22)did on her wall.