Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick fix

I found these pictures in the basement of my dad's house as I was redoing my remodeling.  My grandparents got them in Mexico, probably in the 60's maybe the 70"s.  They are of birds and the birds are made of real feathers.  On the back it tells the story of the Mexican feather craft.  They are pretty cool but they just needed a little update. Notice I already started taping the pictures before I even got a before picture...
here they are in the process...

And the finished product. 
 I love that a little paint can give you a whole new look!
As Always,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Starting the remodel

We are moved.  I can't say that we are settled but non-the-less, we are moved in.  We have moved in to my dad's house for now while we figure out what to do with our house in Minnesota.
I have been SO busy the past 3 weeks scraping, painting and redecorating the basement of his house so we have a little apartment of our own. 
This house has been in our family for 50 years.  My grandparents built it in 1960 and it is full of their treasures.  I am using as many as I can to give the room a retro look.

here is where we started...
I needed to get the sleeping area done first and work my way around the room.  I moved everything out of the way and started ripping up carpet.  I didn't care what was underneath I just knew this carpet needed to go.
This carpet may have been cool in 1970 but it has seen better days!

This is the floor I found when the carpet came up.  I was EXCITED!!!  I can work with this.
It definitely was not an easy project.  This area took me 8 straight hours of scraping.  I did have a supervisor making sure I did my job correctly :-)
and here is the first phase of my basement remodel...

Nice and clean!
On to phase 2...
As Always,