Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Basement phase I and II

Phase I
Last Winter I decided to tackle the basement...  I had not been down there in a while and, to be quite honest, I was scared to even look...  Right after Christmas I thought I had better bite the bullet and do a little organizing.  Now the pictures I am about to show you should not be held against me.  It was out of my control, really it was...

I had sent the kids down there to play on occasion but had no idea it looked like this.
Notice the empty shelves in the closet, THAT'S BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ON THE FLOOR!!!
After a stern lecture about the value of the stuff we own, we (I) set out to organize.

3 bags of garbage, I thought it would be more.  I also put a few things on Craigslist and they went fast.

The kids are enjoying the clean floor.  It has not been seen in a while.  I took the clean up this far since it was winter and in my mind had great plans for a garage sale.  Well fast forward 6 months and I decided it was time to enter...

I decided this week to have a yard sale.  I don't like having them but with this much stuff, I am hoping to get rid of a few things before hauling it off to Unique (our version of Goodwill).  I should get my sister up here from KC.  She is the QUEEN of garage sales.  I need some of her luck to rub off on me.
So here is the garage sale pile.  See it is already in the garage.  Good start, I thought.  Now I have to tag everything.  I also need to tackle my daughter's room yet tonight, but that is a whole different story and probably a whole other garage sale.  The girl likes her stuff, don't know where she gets it from.

here's the loot, ready for the garage door to open.

Now on to the basement...

The shelves actually have toys on them and they look pretty organized.

Stay tune for Phase III where I will actually put paint on the walls and make it look cute.

As Always, Karie


  1. Well my basement looks just like yours! What a small world that your sister knows me. Is she a tall blonde with curly hair???

  2. Hi Kari, thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad there are other gals out there that do what I do! You just can't help yourself, these women are so creative, it is inspiring to say the least. I wish I knew how to add the people who inspire me to my side bar like you have. I have wordpress and it is way more confusing than eblogger, but I like the layout better. I love the way you paint furniture, you do an awesome job! And that basement? A to die for space, can't wait to see what you do with it! Those cherry trees are unbelievable too! Good for you to go for it and use them. K, off to click on your "people who inspire me" links...wink, wink

  3. You did a fantastic job! I can't wait to see Phase 2. Thank you for joining in on the party. I thought of having a sale too but the hubby put his foot down. He's afraid I will use the money to buy more stuff to fill the basement again!