Sunday, July 31, 2011

Almost done

With the kitchen, that is.
We have been unpacking and sorting through our stuff and I think we about have the kitchen where we want it.  there are a few things missing but those will come in time (and when I can find them on my budget)

let's revisit a before picture
Now the after

I am kind of digging my open shelving.  I can now get my pretty dishes out and they can be on display.
Some may say that my refrigerator needs to be cleaned off but I just can't live that way.  If it is not right in front of me, I won't remember.

Still need to find a table, paint my chairs and reupholster them.  All in good time.

Still searching for an island, as well.  We are in definite need of more counter space.

These little beauties need to be installed as well.  Ok, so my list is a little longer that I lead you to believe but at some point it will get done. WE will have a P.A.R.T.Y. when that happens.
As always, Karie

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Awesome giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway!
Oh what I would do with that chalk paint.  I have been reading about it and it sounds like a miracle paint!

Check out this giveaway! since I am having a hard time posting her button I will also send you her way by this link for Robyn Story Design and Boutique
Try that and if you win you can share with me LOL.
As Always, Karie

What a month!

It has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write.  We have had a busy July.  The first weekend was, of course, a holiday. One of my favorites, by the way.  My sister and her family came up and we celebrated Logan style.  Street dance, carnival, parade and fireworks.  Our little town sure knows how to party on the 4th!
The next weekend found us traveling by by-way and highway to Kansas City for my niece's birthday
Miss Lauren at her 8th birthday party!
My sister planned a party at a horse stable with riding and fun.

How can you go wrong with Sm'ores on a stick?

The 3rd weekend in July, we ventured back up to our house in Minnesota to get the rest of our "stuff".  I am still trying to block that trip out of my mind.  I was dreading it from the beginning and I wasn't far off on the dread.  Our tire blew up when we go there and that set us back a few hours. I still send up prayers to God in thanks that it blew at the gas station and not on the road.  He was looking out for us that day! 
 The weather was horrible, as well.  110 degrees is not an ideal temperature to be loading and  unloading a 26' Uhaul. It was not fun and tempers were flaring. Even though that part was terrible, we did get to spend some wonderful time with our friends and we got to meet their new baby.  We always have such an awesome time at Camp Schieffer!  What is not to like about good food, fun, friends and FIREWORKS!  My son was in heaven when he got to personally choose the display we would be witnessing.  He and his Godfather are very much alike in their love of fireworks and many other things.
The look on Baby Aspen's face tells the story.  These kids are CRAZY!

Our month has died down a little with the last weekend and this weekend being spent unpacking and figuring out what the heck to do with all our stuff that use to fit in our big house but will in no way shape or form fit in to our little house.
Next weekend will be spent having a garage sale in our town park.  I will be participating in the
Lincoln Highway Buy-Way  5 state yard sale.  I have already started my sale pile.  I have yet to tackle the storage shed for more treasures...

Hopefully I will be able to sell some of my treasures next weekend.  I just have no room and my house is looking like an episode of Hoarders. Wish me luck and if you are in the area stop by the park.
As Always, Karie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project for the day

I have shown you my pile of feed sacks I have been collecting

Well I decided to put one to good use. I chose an Alfalfa sack.  It even had some seeds left and now they are all over my floor.

It turned out great.  It lined up so well on the chair.
Here is the before

(we keep the kitty bowl under this chair so that the dogs can't get to her food)


Love the stamp on the front of the chair, too.
That's about as creative as I got today, but it was a fun little project.
As Always, Karie

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a note and an invite.

It's almost scary how much I got done today.  I am a bit nervous.  We are getting the rest of our stuff from Minnesota this weekend and there is no way it will all fit in our new house.  I had to go clean our the storage shed today so that we have room.  It is going to be GREAT to actually sleep in a bed again.  The little mat on the floor is not cutting it. There is so much to do that the anticipation may just get the best of me.
Wish us luck!
Also, join me for the before and after party over at
As Always, Karie

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My $5 desk

So I told you how I am hooked on auctions and my recent purchase of a desk for $5.
It is great now but I didn't get any before pictures so you will have to take my word that it
was in pretty bad shape.  I didn't know what color I wanted to paint it and searched through my boxes and boxes of paint.  Red kept speaking to me so I thought, What the heck...
Let's go red!

Ok, so I have to still work on my cord routing...
but I was in a hurry to show you how cute this turned out.

Here is a close up of the glazing that I did.  I also spray painted the handles a brown.

Ignore the wires... just look at the cuteness.

I even put one of my flower frogs to good use holding pictures and coupons. I love the picture of the kids because it shows me that they really do (or did) love each other.  Some days I have my doubts.
There may still be hope that they will like each other again :-)
As Always, Karie

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 1st Auction

Two weeks ago I went to my first auction.  I have to say, I am addicted...
I didn't bid on much and the one thing I really wanted was up
for bid the minute my son decided to have a meltdown so I miss out on that one.  Lesson learned there,
leave the kids at home!
I did end up getting a few things and only spent $9 plus I had a great time.

First item
Ok, so I didn't get a before picture but we will call this the in-between picture.
I scored the vanity/desk for $5. Woo-Hoo!

Next up
This cool crate and all it's contents was $1.  I have been collecting the feed sacks so I just threw them on top of my cool crate because it hides a little secret.
It's perfect for storing our pop or soda, depending on what part of the country you are from.
Inside the crate were these cuties.

Love these flower frogs and the planter works in my bathroom to hold soap

See, perfect.  Trader Joe's has 2 bars of smell good soap for $1.99.
Yet another perfect thing!
I have yet to figure out what I am going to do with the flower frogs.
I also bought a small TV for $3.
So total, I spent $9 and got some great stuff!
I am off to cruise the paper for my next sale
As Always, Karie