Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 outa 3 aint bad...???...

So have you ever had one of those days that you just tried to do too much and at least one thing didn't turn out as you had planned?  Well Friday was one of those days.  I decided on Wednesday to have a garage sale as you can see in this post.  It was not a total failure of a garage sale I did make $100.00 that I didn't have before.  In between customers I decided that, since I was stuck in my garage, I would start working on some of the projects that have piled up out there.
Here is a cute little chair that I picked up at a garage sale for $3.00.

I had some cute fabric in the fabric box that I thought would work on it.  My daughter was in need of a chair for her new "art studio" in my nice clean basement. So we were set to redo this chair.

All finished and ready to go downstairs.

Final home.  Again ignore the background decor since that will be getting a redo sooner or later.  Project complete and turned out pretty good.

Next I moved on to another chair I had to work on.  This one was easy.  Just a simple spray and on to the front porch it went.

Again, pretty happy with this one.

Now on to the biggest failure of my painting life...
First I will show you the cute picture of the good part of the piece, which turned out exactly how I had envisioned it in my mind.

not too bad from here

Again, liking it...

Pretty cute and just what I had in mind...
But wait...

WTH...  I was obviously getting really tired at this point and didn't get the inside of the table right...  back to the drawing board and it will be a while before I try crackle again....

As Always, Karie

ps. I did have a lot of big toys left and I put over 7 items on craigslist, so I hope they sell there.  I want all this stuff out of my house...  After watching an episode of Hoarders last night, I am very determine to lighten the load around here :-)


  1. I love the two chairs. The red one looks great by the door like that! I have never had any success at crackle paint, my paint never crackles! Good luck on your next go round!

  2. I'm addicted to that Hoarder's program, but it makes me want to clean out my house also! I love the green chair. It came out great.