Sunday, December 26, 2010

We are MOVING!!

After a long debate and thinking we have decided to move back to my hometown!!!  I am excited, nervous, happy, nervous, overjoyed, nervous....  this is a big step (not to mention culture shock for my kids) We have lived in Minnesota for almost 12 years and we have decided it is time to go home.  God has made my decision a bit easier, too, thanks to the 3 foot of snow he has dumped on us up here the last month.  Now we are not going any place tropical and yes we will have snow, just not as much for as long of a period of time.

 Deck after first 2 feet of snow
my car after the first 2 feet of snow, we have had another foot on top of this.
We have also made this decision to move home so we can be closer to family.  WE will be living with my dad until we can get our house rented out up here.  I have MANY plans for my dad's house and can't wait to get my hands on a few projects there :-)  My mom wont be far away either so I will have free babysitting now! (another exciting prospect for me)
We are moving in 3 days so wish us luck and stay tune for the trouble I will get in to fixing up my dad's house.  He is going to LOVE it!
As always, Karie