Monday, June 21, 2010

Jam - Part Deux

Well from a few post ago, you can see that I attempted to make strawberry jam.  Since I don't follow directions well I got about 7 jars of strawberry syrup.  Let me tell you that I am not easily defeated so I thought I would try just one more time to see if I can really make freezer jam.

Here are my 2 cherry trees.  Since the branches are bending from the weight of the cherries, I thought what the heck I will only be out the cost of the bag of sugar and 2 boxes of pectin.

I pitted (really need to invest in a cherry pitter, if there really is such a thing any more), mashed stirred, and boiled just like the directions told me (this time)  I followed those things to the T.

See my son in the background with a worried look on his face.
I gotta say, I am impressed with myself!  It turned out GREAT!  It went so well I made two batches.  That is 5 pounds of cherries before pitted and 2 pounds of sugar.  We will have jam till next year when the cherries are ready again!
As Always, Karie

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