Saturday, March 30, 2013

It was a Good, Good Friday

The kids and I had a great day yesterday. 
We had the day off so we enjoyed EVERY minute of the beautiful weather.
Got my paint clothes on, let's go!
Before little bench
After little bench
Before little table

In the process

After closeup

 Still need knobs.
Here are the 2 pieces I worked on for a client. 
 They have been sitting in my kitchen forever and I finally got the time to paint them!
While I was busy painting my kids were busy starting seeds for our garden.

Looks like we will be having peas, onions and watermelon.
I sent Morgan to the store to buy the seeds so, her choice.
Oh I see cucumbers too.
should make a good salad.
speaking of salad...
I got the eggs done to dye but we didn't get them done yesterday.
We topped the night off with a trip to WalMart and a
stop at Sam and Louie's for some gluten free pizza.
Best part of our busy day... 
 We won our whole meal by winning the 7:00 drawing!
We all slept like logs last night and are at it again today. 
Need to get ready for the town Easter Egg hunt. 
You don't want to be a minute late or you will get NOTHING!
As Always,

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