Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stop the Baking...

As I have stated before, I am not a baker.  Especially when it comes to cakes and decorating them.  They always taste good but they are on the bad side of UGLY.  
While at my sisters last weekend, the kids wanted us to make a Big Top Cupcake.  I thought it would be a piece of cake (pun intended)
My Brother-in-law won a mold from one of his company things.

It stated in the directions that if you want a bigger cake that you can use 2 cake mixes.  I went for it and did the 2 mixes and even left some out to make cupcakes.  I don't suggest you use 2 boxes.  Stick to one because this is what happens...

you get a MESS.  Mine didn't bake even and I would have had to cut most of it off to make it look right.  So...  I thought I could make one of those I'm Topsy Turvy cakes.  Trust me when I say, they will NEVER have to worry about me putting them out of business...

Still not very cute...
BTW, Like my cake plate I made.  See here for instructions on how to make one.

Even adding a flag didn't help.
Look at these happy girls with their sad cake.

  They even tried to blow it up with a sparkler :-)
The summer birthday girls didn't care, they liked it.  I guess everyone else did too since there was nothing left after 8 adults and 7 kids were finished with it.
 I will try harder next time.
As always, Karie


  1. Sometimes it is not how the cake turns out but the thought and love that went into it. I think you did a fabulous job! Taking the time to actually bake a cake instead of running out and buying one. Kudos to you!

  2. The cake was great