Thursday, July 22, 2010

Driving through Iowa

People joke with me about being from Iowa.  There is no place I would rather have grown up.  Yes, I must admit driving down I-35 is not like driving  through the Rockies but there is one thing my kids love to see...
Wind Turbines!  Especially my 5 year old.  He has a book that explains all the parts of this massive piece of machinery.  He likes to tell me all the parts and how they are made.  I think I have a little engineer on my hands.  I am glad this keeps them busy on our 6 hour drive back to see my parents.

Here is the scenery on our trip through Iowa on I-35.
Are we the only ones on this road???

Look at the bugs on my windshield eeww

More bugs, more wind turbines...

My next trip, I will have to take some pictures of the area of Iowa where I am from.  It truly is beautiful in the Loess Hills area of Iowa. 

As Always, Karie

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