Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great day...

As days have been going for me, this was a pretty good one!  I work at a furniture store and it is not always an ego boost for me.  It is REALLY hard to work straight commission and you can get really down on yourself if you have gone all day and not made one sale.  That was not the case today, I did an OK job in selling today.  It was by no means record setting but it wasn't a big fat goose egg either, so that was my first big good thing for the day.

My second big good thing was that I came home to a package that I ordered from my friend Jenny in California.  Jenny and I have know each other for longer than I will mention.  Her BFF and my BFF were cousins so we all hung out on occasion and had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks to Facebook we have reconnected.  She is now a proud owner of a wonderful company that makes soy candles, lotions, soaps and fragrances.  You can find her products at
J Bella Boutique.  Become a fan of hers on Facebook and you will see all the famous people she gets to meet, selling her products in LA.
Here is all my great loot.  I got a candle, of course, some soap and a fragrance.  LOVE THEM ALL!!!
The candle and soap are called Healing.
The little mini soap is called Zen Blossom.
The fragrance is one of her new ones called Bella Mia.
Check out her stuff and tell her Karie sent you.

My third great thing that happen today was my new friend, Amy made me a great necklace.  I met Amy through another friend.  She make wonderful jewelry.  You can check out her website at Little Fish Designs.
I had so much fun at her house tonight looking at all her creations.  She is an amazing person who juggles three little guys, a graphic design business, her jewelry making, a husband that builds custom motorcycles in their garage, and one BIG dog.  She is busy getting ready form the Junk Bonanza in September.  I can't wait to go to see her wears.

Here is my way cool necklace she made me.

Here is the closeup.  She put my kids initials on it.  So excited about this!
(excuse the quality of the pictures.  there was no light in my kitchen at we are in the middle of a thunder storm)
Guess I better call it a night. 
As always, Karie

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