Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think it's back...

My creativeness that is...  As I said in the last post, it left me when the heat rolled in a month or so ago. It has been HOT and we have been traveling and then I was working, and then I was not working (more on that later)...  With all of that going on,  I have been so uninspired.  Well all of that has changed.  I no longer work at the sweatshop furniture store so it is time for me to kick it in gear.  I have been cleaning house and getting that back in order.  The yard is next but in the meantime, I will throw in a few painting projects.

Here is my baby steps back in to painting.  I have had this IKEA step stool for 5 years.  This is the most used piece of furniture in our house. Whenever I hear it being drug across the kitchen floor, I know the kids are up to something.

  It is one of the first things I bought for this house.  My brother in law put it together for me and I have had every intention of painting it back then.  Better late than never, I guess.

Love the new color.  Guess I should, I have painted my powder room, front door, a table and this stool in the same color and I still have over half a gallon left so stay tune for more of this color to come.

stamp of approval :-)

While I was in the garage puttering around, I came across some chairs I painted for a friend and she has never come to pick them up. Guess I will be making a delivery tomorrow.

Here is the before of the chairs.

and the after...
A little priming, painting, sanding and sealing and we have a whole new look.  She wants me to do 6 more chairs and 2 tables.  Wish me luck...
As Always, Karie

ps.. ignore my messy garage

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