Friday, February 22, 2013


Well it has been quite a week.  Last week we had 3 days off for "winter break" a.k.a. Iowa High school wrestling tournament...  That is when our school district schedules our break since most of the kids take off anyway to go watch our wrestlers. So anyway, I got a lot of crafting, cleaning and organizing done last week.  I was even able to take my computer to a person from my church who said he would look at it to see what was wrong. (please insert the sound of "taps" playing in the background now)  It was toast, fired gonzo, kaput...  that means all the pictures for the past 4 years are gone, or at least I thought.  When he told me this I ran home and dug through my desk drawers and came across a flash drive that I tried backing up the computer on last year and they were there all (or most) of my pictures that I thought had been lost. Yeah!!! Oh and Mr Computer Fixer had an extra hard drive that he didn't need anymore so he put it in my computer and I am back in business.  I will be able to blog much easier with my computer fixed and the nifty new camera I got myself for Christmas this year.  Yeah again!
Another exciting thing that is happening this coming week is that we are getting Internet again!!!  We have been without for over 2 weeks! This is what happens when you change services in a small town, things get done at a different pace than when I lived in the big city.
Today we had a snow day from school so my husband and son decided they wanted to go to the movies.  I am not much of a movie goer.  I can't seem to sit long enough to just watch a movie.  I feel the need to multitask every minute of the waking day. I opted out and went to Wal Mart.  My husband was concerned that I would not be able to waste enough time while they were in the movie and tried to talk me in to going with them.  Well no sirree Bob, I will be just fine by myself :) I went to Walmart and spent my time walking up and down every aisle, looking at everything on the shelves.  It was wonderful.  When you have 2 kids in tow you NEVER get to do this.

This is what you buy when you wander around a big box store for an hour by yourself. 
I can't wait to show you what I am going to do with the fabric!
See those CUTE alphabet stamps.  Wally World sells them for $.97.  I have a total of 3 sets now!
The line art canvases are for the kids (or me if I feel like doodling) and the pickles I bought just because I thought the jar was so cute!
Here is the sad part of my story though.  I went into the movie theater to wait for the guys to get done with the show.  There was a sofa in there (small town theater) so I brought my brand new Flea Market Finds magazine in with me to pass the time.  Well I left my magazine on that sofa in the theater and now I am sad.  I was really looking forward to reading it tonight :( Oh well...
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