Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little more of the bathroom

I am revealing the bathroom bit by bit because that is how it is coming together.  I have the major pieces in place now and just need to add the finishing touches.
Here is the newest addition.
Of course, no before pictures but she was pretty rough.  I found her at my dad's house and she was being underused and I just happen to think I could give her a better home.
Found the cute little basket at Hobby Lobby cuz you have to have someplace cute to put your extra toilet paper, blow dryer and brushes.
She is pretty well wore but that adds to her character.  I painted it a yellow that I came up with after mixing a few yellows I had left over.  Actually a few of my new rooms are paints that I just came up with... hope I don't need extra since they are a one of a kind.
Now I have to sort through all my pretties to see what pictures I will use and then come up with an idea for curtains in this room.  Slowly it will come together (I hope)
I like this picture because it shows all my painting projects for this room. Walls, door, mirror, wall storage, and table.  Wow, that's a lot of work and this is just one room I have been working on :-)
As, Always, Karie

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