Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Reveal Phase 1

Here goes my first remodel reveal.  We will start with the Kitchen since with a little money we have the biggest transformation.
Here is the before. Might I also add, there is NO cabinet space in this kitchen.  Yep, you are looking at ALL the cabinets that we have in the kitchen... An island will added as soon as the money fairy drops a load of cash in our direction. hehe

Yes the quality of the picture is less than great and when that fairy comes we will be purchasing a camera as well.
Do you see a difference???
We painted cabinets and walls, changed out the hardware and added laminate flooring.
This is a good picture of the floor and my labor of love.  I snapped every one of the boards together and I am here to tell you it is NOT as easy and they make it look on HGTV but the results are fabulous, if I do say so myself.
I am also having a bit of a love affair with Fireking green Jadeite. Can't wait to find a few more of my pieces in storage.  I am also loving the hand-me-down Ikea shelf.  My kitchen is not even close to where I want it but we have a good start.

Here is the before of the eat in side of the kitchen
Here is the after with a little project waiting for me to finish. Can't wait to show you what I have in mind for this area and this cute chair!
As Always, Karie

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  1. Adorable Abode Karie, you are really doing a wonderful job and your hard work is shining in your new home!