Sunday, March 10, 2013

The weekend

The weekend started out with a big ol' pity party from yours truly. I was at the end of my rope and didn't want to tie a knot, I just wanted to go back to sleep.  The brown dog was acting crazy and wanted to go out about 5 times before 8 am, the kids were demanding things about every 5 minutes and I decided right then and there that I need a mommy weekend.  I don't know when or where this will happen but you can bet it will.  Working at school and having the same hours as your kids has MANY advantages but with those advantages comes a few drawbacks... One being, you are with kids 24/7.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids but it's time for this mama to take a break.  I wish I could afford to go to one of Meg's craft weekends.  That would be a dream come true!  We will see if I can save my pennies for that...
After a rough start I put myself in a time-out  (took a nap).  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE naps? When I woke I was ready to craft. I gave Morgan a project to do.
My silly girl
Finished Project.

I am teaching a group of 4-H kids in a couple of weeks and I had her do the sample board.

I even felt like crafting and made one of the canvases on my to-do list.
This one is for my friend in Colorado.  She has 2 girls and one of them wanted a fairy.  She was very concerned that her fairy didn't have eyes...
I will work on her other daughter's sometime soon.

Morgan even talked me in to making some bunting for her room.  She got the idea from the
 Pottery Barn Teen catalog.  I am teaching her well.  She showed me the picture and said "Don't worry mom we can make that."  I love her.

Completely ignore the mess on her bed! She is rearranging her furniture AGAIN and sorting through her stuff....
Another amazing thing that happen is that Morgan let me pull her tooth. 
It was not pretty
It was the last baby tooth
It was wedged between 2 other teeth
It should have come out MONTHS ago
I have begged, I have held her down, I bought her numbing medicine
but nooooo...
Finally Saturday night she said, Ok pull it
I worked on it for a minute and it popped right out. She looked at me and said
 "thanks mom" Like I just handed her a glass of water or something.
It was my belly laugh of the day.
Her last Tooth Fairy visit :(

Today was a much better day!
We got snow...  Tons of snow!!!
 Made these for our neighbor, Phil.  He plowed our walk 2 times today.

I even talked the kids into going out for a while to blow the stink off...

The tooth was right there... now time for braces...
Nice time for the neighbors to put a new roof on...
Avalanche off the porch.

Yes it was still coming down when they went out to play.
 It has been snowing since last night.
They had a blast until big sister threw a snowball in little brother's face and that was that.
He marched in and claimed he will NEVER go out and play in the snow with her again.
 Taylor decided to take herself for a walk.
I am now off to bed and will plan for our snow day tomorrow. 
 Let's hope this mama has shaken her
no good rotten feeling away.


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  1. Love the art and brownies. Mmmmm!

    The color for my piano was called Sunspark. I got it at Lowe's. I think Valspar was the brand. Good luck.