Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Pass...

Today I took a personal day to take my dad to the doctor.
His appointment got cancelled.
This means I had a WHOLE 6 hours in my house all by myself!!!

I could have been...
Painting on canvases

I should have been...
painting furniture
Doing laundry
Clean 2 month of dog poop out of the back yard
Oh and writing a 3 page paper

I fianlly wtched Bridesmaids
Yes I know I am tardy for the party but i wanted time to watch it uninterupted and it FINALLY happen.
So I watched the movie then I took a nap and got caught up on my DVR shows.  It was wonderfull!

how would you spend a free pass day?

here are some pictures of projects I have done the past week.

This one is going to Colorado
This one is for my niece who turned 12 last week.  How did that happen???
Speaking of niece, the cousins were here this weekend and my kids were in heaven.
Here are the girls "doing hair" and watching the ISU vs KU game.

Fun at the Diner with Grandpa.
Better get started on that paper...


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