Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh my luck!

Have you ever had one of these days, weeks, years... where you are feeling a bit down on your luck?  I have been lately.  I know the pieces I want in my new house and I either can't find them or they are more than I want to spend.  I have been getting REALLY frustrated about the lack of storage and the fact that my old furniture doesn't fit in our new little cottage. Some would be excited to start new but I have a problem with that. 
1. I am poor
2. I am cheap.
I guess those kind of go hand in hand.  We are trying to decorate this house on a budget and I am trying to stick to that budget.  Did I mention, I am not a budget type of gal? The word itself makes me cringe and I envy anyone who can make and stick to one.  I was not programmed to even know how to do it.
It is in no way, shape or form in my DNA. 
 I also know that there are bargains out there because all over blog land I see them every day.  These people finding wonderful treasures and then making then even more fabulous.  Well all summer long, I have been searching for a table to fit in my kitchen.  This table can't be too big or too small,  It needs to be round and have a cool base.  See I wasn't asking for that much...
Well today the girl and I set out for a girls trip to the Big City.  (that would be Omaha and yes it is the closest city we have and it is big enough) Since the main road to the City is closed still due to the flood we took a side trip through the small towns. While in the City we stopped at a few Goodwill's looking for a table but nothing, nada, zip, zilch.
Well on our way home we stopped at a Thrift store in one of the small towns.  Not the best store I have ever been in and I was holding no hope for finding my table today. (we were holding our noses though, not the best smelling store either)
Out of the corner of my eye I spotted it.  At first glance she was not that pretty, but once you get to looking closer she just might be a keeper.  What was that the clerk said,  all furniture is half price today.  Oh I may be breaking out into a sweat now.  I may have found "the one" She has good bones, she is round and had a very interesting base.  I think I am in love and the price you ask... (wait for it)... $3.70.  yes folks I just found my new kitchen table for under $5.  I will have to invest another few dollars in spray primer but it will well be worth it in the end.
Would you like to see what she looks like before her makeover?

Ok, so she is not what you would call a natural beauty, but just wait.  I can see her potential.
Look at those legs!  I can't wait to get started on her.
And no I did not have a soft filter on my camera lens, it was so hot out that my camera was fogging over.  Yuk to the Heat.  Ok, I said it.  After living in Minnesota for 12 years, I said that I would never complain about the heat but I did. Now it is out there and I will own it.  People, it is HOT, melt the makeup off your face the minute you step out the door HOT.
Ok I am over it now and will not say another word about the HEAT,
Can't wait to show you pictures of my new table when she is finished.
As Always, Karie

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