Friday, January 28, 2011

Starting the remodel

We are moved.  I can't say that we are settled but non-the-less, we are moved in.  We have moved in to my dad's house for now while we figure out what to do with our house in Minnesota.
I have been SO busy the past 3 weeks scraping, painting and redecorating the basement of his house so we have a little apartment of our own. 
This house has been in our family for 50 years.  My grandparents built it in 1960 and it is full of their treasures.  I am using as many as I can to give the room a retro look.

here is where we started...
I needed to get the sleeping area done first and work my way around the room.  I moved everything out of the way and started ripping up carpet.  I didn't care what was underneath I just knew this carpet needed to go.
This carpet may have been cool in 1970 but it has seen better days!

This is the floor I found when the carpet came up.  I was EXCITED!!!  I can work with this.
It definitely was not an easy project.  This area took me 8 straight hours of scraping.  I did have a supervisor making sure I did my job correctly :-)
and here is the first phase of my basement remodel...

Nice and clean!
On to phase 2...
As Always,

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